The history of our company dates back to 1969, when MERA-KFAP, a company manufacturing measurement and control devices in Kraków, decided to open a branch in Limanowa. Shortly a die-casting plant was constructed, which soon became a separate business called LIMA-THERM. In 1995 LIMA-THERM became a public limited company. After the state owner decided to sell its shares, with an influx of new funds, the company developed and grew, quickly becoming a joint-stock company with sister companies cooperating in the field of measurement and control. Today, as part of the Introl Group, Limatherm benefits from over 50 years of experience, offering not only highly specialised products, but also knowledge and expertise.

The Company's operations:

  • design and production of components for measuring apparatus in explosion-proof version,
  • production of pressure die-castings made of aluminum alloys
  • other production and service in the area of mechanical machining and surface treatment
Important dates:

 April 1968  MERA-KFAP opens a branch in Limanowa
maj May 1973  start-up of the casting plant
 January 1991  the company becomes a separate bussiness called LIMA-THERM
October 1995  public limited company
 March 2000  Introl S.A. becomes the main shareholder of Limatherm
 September 2000  new die-casting plant
 January 2004  Limatherm Sensor was founded - a sister company in the field of automation sensors
 November 2006  joint-stock company
 August 2007  Limatherm Components was founded - sister company in the field of components for measurement and control equipment
 November 2007  debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange