Surface treatment

The castings produced in our company undergo the following processes:

  • trimming
  • vibration
  • shot blasting
  • washing


  • pre trimming on hydraulic presses with press force up to 40 tonnes
  • the process of trimming consists of removing gating and overflows
  • Limatherm has 8 trimming presses, the latest acquisition is DiessePresse T35NG+S


      • castings cleaning process in a centrifugal suspension shot blasting machine
      • OMSG shotblasting machine with a rotary hanger fixed in front of turbines enables the blasting jet to reach every corner of a work piece
      • We use high-grade stainless steel shot, which is completely recycled


            • the process of cleaning and deburring the sharp edges of castings
            • vibration in ceramic or steel shapes
            • steel shaped pieces give the casting a metallic shine and increase its aesthetics


            • after machining, the manufactured parts are washed using two Hel 96WS washing stations