Limatherm S.A. offers pressure casting, specialised CNC treatments, laboratory testing and surface treatment. Its knowledge, solutions based on developed technologies and patents, renewed machinery and modern technical infrastructure enable the realisation of high-quality products and services tailored to the individual requirements of each client.


We design technological processes both for the needs of our customers and our own. Our research and developement offices use the following specialised engineering software:
  • SolidEdge for 3D modelling - PRT, ASM (STP, IGS, x_t) formats
  • SolidEdge for 2D modelling - DFT (DWG, DXF) formats
  • EdgeCAM for programming CNC machinery
  • NX CAM for programming CNC machinery

Making of casting moulds and tools necessary for further processing of castings such as trimmers, CNC machine holders and other tools used in the production process.

A die-casting plant in Limatherm has been in operation since 1975. We currently own cold-chamber machines with a power of 160 to 840 tones and we use the following casting alloys:

  • EN AC-47100
  • EN AC-46000
  • EN AC-44200mod. (Fe 0,8-1,1%, Cu max 0,05%)
  • EN AC-43400

The castings produced in our company undergo the following processes

  • trimming
  • vibration
  • shot blasting
  • machining
  • washing

Our plant currently has two painting centres and we use the following painting methods:

  • powder painting (polyester and epoxy varnishes)
  • wet painting (epoxy, polyurethane and creoduric varnishes)

We offer assembly services for mechanical components, electronic parts as well as terminal strips both manufactured in our plant and delivered by external suppliers. The products we assembly meet the requirements of the ATEX explosionproof directive.

We owe highly specialised measurement equipment (CNC measuring machines, contour measuring system). We provide visual control of 100% of the casts we manufacture.